Now more than ever, DMOs need to keep up with modern marketing methods—especially when it comes to ensuring their meetings websites are optimized for user experience (UX), from mobile interfaces to interactivity and everything in between.

We’ve compiled some great insights and tips for DMOs to ensure their meetings websites and marketing platforms utilize UX-friendly writing and design elements for users.


A revealing panel discussion around what meeting planners actually think about destination marketing & how destinations can market to them more effectively

Digital Edge was asked to lead the first ever meetings marketing session at #ESTO22 in Grand Rapids and we worked to make sure this was a session that was totally different from other meeting planner panels held before. 

Our goal was to get candid feedback from meeting planners on destination advertising and how to create meeting marketing campaigns that really matter. 

the definition of user experience written in the form of a dictionary entry. UX or user experience is a noun meaning "encompases all aspects of the end-user's interaction with the company, its services, and its products. with a footnote saying "If a website debases the user experience too much, people will simply stay away."

First Impressions are Important

A destination’s meetings website provides planners with an overview and/or first impression of the destination and DMO. These website pages are full of everything you need and want to know. Still, it’s about the experience—whether the content design is done in-house or outsourced to an expert digital meetings marketing agency with an edge (shameless plug).


The Role UX Writing Plays to Keep Attention Spans

UX writing is curated little texts that guide users (planners) through the product (DMO’s meetings website) and help them achieve their goals (gain knowledge about the destination to book a meeting). Internally, UX writers work with other UX professionals to create a seamless user experience and maintain the DMO’s brand voice in which the product speaks with its users—and captures their attention.²

You Think You Know?

True or False: UX writing is the same as copywriting.²


Copywriting differs from UX writing because it focuses on creating engaging content, not guiding users through it.

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Understanding What UX Design Can Do for DMOs

“You cannot understand good design if you do not understand people.”
 – Dieter Rams, German industrial designer³


A DMO’s meetings website is only as good as its user experience—and UX design is the process of creating products or services with users’ interests and needs at heart.

It’s not only about conveying your message through snackable texts but visually merging that content with on-brand and enticing design to keep their attention. 

DMOs need to reevaluate their meetings website to ensure it’s accessible, practical, useful, and easy to use while also being enjoyable.

You Think You Know?

True or False: UX design bridges the gap between the visual side of a product and its functionality and usability.³


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Keep Your Users Close But Their Attention Closer

So what have we learned? User experience backs up the “less is more” mantra without a doubt, but simple doesn’t mean lazy. DMOs can elevate their meetings marketing efforts with the plethora of resources to utilize UX strategy and keep planners engaged and motivated to meet in the destination.

When it comes to engaging planners through meetings marketing, Digital Edge can help DMOs catch their eye, then their business.

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