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What’s with the goose?

His name is Gerald and he is the Digital Edge mascot.

You may have seen him in our email dispatches, on our website or, perhaps, hanging out in one of our eBooks. So what does a goose have to do with Digital Edge?

You see, there’s a reason Gerald stands out from the rest of the flock that lives upon the lake outside of the Digital Edge building.

He waddles with a slight limp.

We’re unsure of how he developed the limp (there are theories), but the point is, he never let it get him down. Year after year, he’s trudged with the best of them, even migrating for the winter and returning to the peaceful lake to live the rest of the months in full, brilliant display.

Born after the turmoil of the great economic downturn of 2008, Digital Edge’s beginning saw a challenge. Life was more difficult then as our country had suffered a great injury. Things seemed uncertain. What seemed like an unceremonious start was actually perseverance in true form. But the founders of this company met at kitchen tables and persisted through countless meetings at Panera until eventually, the company became a growing success. Sure, there existed troubles along the way, but they kept pushing the ideal to strive towards greatness. And now, years later, Digital Edge has seen an established growing team become leaders in the destination marketing industry and winner of Jacksonville’s “50 Fastest Growing Companies” award for two consecutive years now.

Embracing challenge as an opportunity for growth is a central ideology for our organization. When we look out our window each day and peer across at the goose lineage, ever-growing, we see Gerald, not as a goose with a limp, we see strength, courage and perseverance.</p?

When we look out that window, we see the best damn gimp walk east of the Mississippi River.

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