The Future of Meetings & Events Research 2022

How is it 2022? Two years have really packed a wallop for those in the travel industry. We blinked and here we are. 

As we leave behind the road to recovery and the rhythm of log on, greet and repeat virtually, we look into the future of meeting safely and we happily welcome the statistics and trends that support meeting face-to-face and moving forward. Digital Edge has gathered that data and provided a selection of #digibites for your consumption.

According to Convene magazine, the meeting industry trade journal, over 60% of organizers are focused on designing live safe in-person experiences. Major annual trade events are starting to make a comeback across all industries. Conferences and tradeshows at their core provide a platform for building powerful business connections.- Forbes


“Building brand and destination awareness was rated as the most important marketing priority for 2022.”

“Digital marketing channels are expected to maintain their supremacy as post advent of the pandemic.” 

“Google and social media analytics are used ubiquitously by DMOs.” 

“Implementation of performance measurement metrics, use of sophisticated data and analytics and targeted marketing”


Future Pace Study

“Pent-up demand (postponed events, desire to reconnect)“

Size and complexity matters. Large gateway markets are expected to recover more slowly than smaller, regional markets. 

But market-specific factors are also important.


Winning Strategies DCI Report

  • Destinations need to understand the potential to engage planners on ALL fronts moving forward
  • LinkedIn is reported as the most-used platform for business purposes among 40 percent of respondents, but it has lost ground to other sources. 
  • A robust presence across multiple channels and a dedicated blog is ideal 
  • According to meeting planners what was the most-important part of the CVB website:
    • 51% of planners said it’s the section on convention centers and meeting hotels
    • 41%said it’s the meeting space information
    • 40% said it’s the staff contact information 
  • The message is clear: Planners can learn about your destination elsewhere, but they are flocking to CVBs’ website specifically for information about planning events 


Northstar Pulse Survey Jan 2022

  • New booking activity is down since December and rebookings are up, but nowhere near the levels of one year ago.
  • Nearly 80% will produce their next event in the next six months
  • Intent to Pivot to Virtual/Hybrid Alternatives Declines. Indicating growing commitment to their in-person events, planners are less inclined to plan virtual/hybrid alternatives – even with a greater likelihood of reduced in person attendance.
  • Living with Covid – means planners may move out of winter months
  • Concern over costs 


Closing Remarks: 

It’s uplifting to see the resiliency and progress within our industry! These insights solidify the importance of a digitally led meetings marketing strategy – one that is fully integrated. And while the research supports our approaches we’ve been using as a leading digital marketing agency for DMOs, it’s our clients who are benefiting. . . and we couldn’t be happier.

 Clients like Visit Park City, Atlanta, Explore Branson, peep more here, continue to get results from our agency’s digital techniques and strategies. Interested in learning more about how we can help your DMO? 

 Browse our services or reach out and let us introduce ourselves.


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