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Trying to nail a B2B marketing strategy that works for both the sales and marketing teams is like planning a road trip with a group. Everyone agrees on the end destination, but you have to make the journey worth taking.

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Developing a strategy that meets the sales-specific goals and marketing objectives is complex. Sales teams are often on the go and hard to pin down, while marketing teams often are overwhelmed with other priorities.  

When a cohesive strategy is not in place, the marketing becomes disjointed from the sales activities; the tactics are often spontaneous and often not meeting the goals of the target audience’s needs.

It takes some serious navigation skills to keep the trip smooth (and maybe a game of 21 Questions).

Strategic Work

Digital Edge develops a cohesive strategy that ties together your marketing objectives, brand goals and sales needs.
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Five-year, long-term B2B marketing strategies

Annual fiscal year planning 

Content marketing strategies

Website audit & strategies from the customer's perspective

Account-based marketing strategies

Customer advisory board strategies

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