Media Services

In the land of digital media, B2B marketing for the travel & tourism industry can be a maze of twisty little passages, but with the right tour guides, the routes are rewarding.

Media Marketing for the Modern Era

There’s an art to mapping out this journey, friends – a true ability in being able to efficiently use a media budget, refine targeting and reach audiences across spot-on platforms and channels.

Often, teams have too much reliance on traditional media – not meeting business decision-makers where they are today. We see media run by companies that don’t quite understand the target audience in-depth and treat the work too much like leisure and traditional tourism media buys.

There is a strong need for cohesive digital media that is creative, integrated with new technologies and optimized for performance. Otherwise, it can be a bumpy road of poor performance, higher costs, disjointed media, and a lack of insights.

Media Services

Digital Edge has a strategy and seasoned team to help you and yours navigate it all.

Agile media adapted to needs, tested and refined throughout

Strategy to reach target audience across platforms: (connected TV, online video, audio podcast, native, display & retargeting, paid search, paid & organic social media)

Trade media programs to supplement and maintain relationships

Leveraging your strategic partnerships and third-party relationships

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