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If we haven’t met you yet, catch us on the road.

We love showing up, being where our clients are and being present in the spaces where their customers engage. 

As a go-to for B2B marketing in the travel & tourism industry, we’re here for it – all of it – including participating in industry events and conferences year-round.

Our participation allows us to offer valuable education, open minds to fresh takes on insights and provide ongoing support to both our clients and the broader industry as trends continually evolve.

Where We'll Be

07/16/2024 – 07/18/2024
Attendees: Mya Surrency, Mae Bodine, Jaimie Hart, Colette DuChanois, Allison Duncan

Smart Meetings Smart Woman Summit

08/01/2024 – 08/31/2024
Attendees: Mya Surrency
10/07/2024 – 10/10/2024
Attendees: Mya Surrency, Mae Bodine, Jaimie Hart

DI Annual Board of Directors Meetings

12/17/2024 – 12/19/2024
Attendees: Mya Surrency, Jaimie Hart
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