Sales Services

Navigate the complex world of travel & tourism sales effortlessly with help from Digital Edge.

True Story

One of our Digital Edge team members went on a business trip. Upon arrival at their destination, their luggage was lost. (Classic.)

Cut to:

They’re hightailing it to the local thrift store for some shoes, a blazer and business cazh pants to make it to the meeting that day.

They have what they need to show up – the outfit is ‘sensible’… oh, but ill-fitted at best.

This is how sales teams can feel without the right marketing support.

Sales Made Simple

Sales teams in the travel and tourism industry operate at a fast pace, constantly on the move between travel and in-market activities. It’s crucial for marketing teams to be aligned and understand the sales process. When messaging, sales materials and brand identity are fastened together, it benefits everyone and reinforces that perfect fit.

Without the right fit, organizations could be left with unsupported sales teams, inconsistent messaging and off-brand materials that could hinder the effectiveness of the sales process. This could lead to an overwhelming marketing team struggling to keep up with the sales needs on top of their priorities.

Sales peeps, we get you. We see you. We know that sales accelerates when backed by strategic marketing. We also know that your sales teams have higher close rates with tools that support the process. (Cue the slow clap.)

Sales Services

Digital Edge provides sales services and tools for the process

Team members who are veterans in destination sales for meetings, sports and travel trade, along with hotel sales

An understanding of marketing materials to support your sales team 

New tools and tech solutions to elevate the sales process

Deliverables Include

… but are never limited to

Sales activity email marketing

Digital sales kits

Destination experiential programs (FAMs)

Client database evaluation

Growth markets evaluation

Sales reports evaluation

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