Research Services

A solid research team resembles purpose-driven travelers – full of curiosity and out to find meaningful connections and answers.

A Leader in Industry Research

Travel and tourism organizations need help finding a team who understands the broad and less product-driven niche of destination and travel sales.

They need moderators and research leaders who speak their language, understand their processes and have firsthand experience in the intricacies of sales:

  • Destination sales
  • Meetings & convention sales
  • Tour & travel sales
  • Sports destination & facility sales

Your B2B Sherpa

Teams must tie B2B marketing to research to ensure that marketing is valued, meeting objectives and resonating with their target audiences.  

And not to doom and gloom, but efforts can feel like venturing down an aimless path without research. Teams need knowledge about their customers’ insights, awareness levels and perceptions. They need strategies that pull from unique pain points, selling propositions and key differentiators.

Research Services

Digital Edge evolves curiosity into a research-based approach.

Strategies led by former hotel and destination sales professionals

Knowledge of how to address and pull out critical information from planners, operators and event organizers

Strategic opportunities around CABs, FAMs, virtual sessions and online surveys

Intelligence tied to the sales process and strategic benefit for marketing strategy

In-market sites to guide research practices

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