About Digital Edge

We know the B2B side of the travel & tourism industry at the foundational level and tap into the soul of the organizations that keep it thriving.

Our Origin Story

The Digital Edge backstory is the classic underdog’s tale – proving it’s never how you start but how you uphold what you’re about. Born after the turmoil of the Great Recession of 2008, Digital Edge began its operations from a kitchen table. There sat our two founders – women who were industry veterans and knew firsthand the gap and tensions that could exist between sales and marketing teams of destination organizations.

On a mission to close this gap and offer more advanced B2B sales and marketing services for travel & tourism organizations, Digital Edge kept on in the journey. 

The unassuming start was perseverance in true form. Kitchen table strategies and countless meetings at Panera Bread grew into a full-service digital marketing agency, now well-established in the industry. Today, Digital Edge looks different – and not just where we sit. We’ve built a team of individuals who are cross-disciplined in media, design, content and video and who have fallen in love with this industry through client collaboration, FAMs, site visits and major industry shows.

From two to now ‘to the moon,‘ we stay B2B-focused while uplifting and impacting our clients in ways we could only imagine.

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