2015 Destination Marketing Infographic by: Digital Edge

DE_Infographic_Page_r2-1How much can a small team of expert destination digital marketers complete for 14 clients in a single year? When you know what you’re doing and you understand the destination marketing industry more than any other digital agency on the market , the total impact can be incredible. While working with clients in every region of the United States, we managed to score huge wins last year by creating innovative campaign strategies, generating millions of impressions, and driving digital campaign conversion rates as high as 32%! In this Destination Marketing Infographic, you get a snapshot of how and why we have been able to add 5 new digital marketers to our crew that have specialized backgrounds in tourism, hospitality, and destination marketing.

Why should this infographic matter to destination marketers?

Everything we do is focused on identifying smart success indicators and driving conversions, even for destination clients with a heavy focus on branding vs. direct response. We can generate audiences nation-wide and in highly specific regional markets! In this infographic, you can get a better understanding of our digital marketing mix, where we really excel and why we focus heavily on social media campaigns on the Facebook platform. We have made huge gains in social engagement, and our landing pages receive heavy traffic from both organic and paid ads. With our leaders coming from a combined 40 years of experience in the destination marketing industry, no one understands DMO’s quite like we do and even better – we know how that translates to digital marketing.

Digital Edge Marketing wants to extend a warm “Thank you” to the destination marketing organizations (DMOs) we work with and to all of our clients for their hard work and cooperation and teamwork that ultimately ensured our digital campaigns were successful.



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