5 Ways to “Group Up” Your DMO’s Sales & Marketing Efforts

This year we’ve started to hear from a few CVBs that their partners are asking them to “Group Up.”  Often, this means they are looking for the CVB to put more emphasis on group business to build shoulder seasons or are seeing a softening of the leisure market. 

Here are 5 tips for how your DMO can “group up” and fill those short term valleys (1-2 years out).  Keep in mind, this is what we do at Digital Edge each and every day, so if you need a more comprehensive approach or help taking on these initiatives, reach out and let us manage your group sales marketing efforts.

1 Group Up Blog Post ImageThis will help create demand for your product and must utilize an integrated sales and marketing approach.

2 Group Up Blog Post ImageIdentify who your ideal clients are for this campaign.  Determine group size, market segments, geolocations, and then focus your messaging on these planners.

3 Group Up Blog Post ImageCreate a landing page that is optimized to generate the conversion.  This typically cannot be done in your CMS as the system is designed for content management – not conversion management.

Most likely, you will not want to tell all of your planner profiles about this incentive offer, so, develop a specific list using your CRM and rental lists that meet your targeting criteria.  Send them a series of email messages over the course of the campaign.

Utilize your relationship with third parties to get the word out for your incentive. Think about the potential reach and impact when you can leverage their relationships with clients.  

When all else fails or you don’t have time to take on these projects, have no fear. Digital Edge is here! Our team of seasoned professionals helps your DMO generate more sales via meetings marketing and helps show your partners more value and ROI.

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