Co-Op Marketing Campaign

Digital Edge designed a Co-Op Marketing Campaign to increase visitation to area golf courses and hotels during the winter months. We assisted Florida’s First Coast of Golf in taking advantage of the extreme winter conditions to share a sunny Florida golf message in its top fly in cold weather markets. The campaign included four co-op partners who offered a specific golf package to the consumers who saw record low temperatures and snow. The headline “Don’t Let Your Game Get Cold” was used to drive immediate interest in the destination.

Client Goals:

  • Build awareness of North Florida’s Golf Assets
  • Drive business to area golf courses and hotels during the winter months
  • Obtain Co-op marketing dollars to assist in media spend


Digital Edge targeted consumers who traveled for golf in the top geo-markets who also met our demographic profile of the First Coast of Golf visitor. The landing page showcased the four partners with high resolution, vivid imagery and details on the offers along with current weather conditions and where First Coast of Golf is located in Florida.

  • Digital Edge Media Platform
  • Advanced targeting including geo, behavioral, contextual targeting
  • Animated and HTML 5 banner ads
  • Responsive dedicated landing page
  • Advanced reporting & conversion tracking


Over 3 winter months, the campaign had more than 6 millions impressions, 232 clicks and click through rate of 3.82%, which is way above industry average.

  • 6 million impressions
  • 232,000 clicks
  • 82% click through rate
  • 189,619 landing page visitors
  • Reach was strongest in top fly in markets

Looking for a co-op program that gives your partners the results they need? Let’s get started.

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