Get More Asses in Your Aisle: 3 Digital Marketing Trade Show Tactics


We’ve observed a lot from hanging around the trade show scene for years.  (Oh, it’s a scene all right.)  There’s one inarguable fact when it comes to these shows: every booth is fighting for attention.

  • Some destinations go the eye candy route, stuffing the proverbial bra with “look over here” imagery, games and advertising.
  • Some go the actual candy route – pretty sure we still have some patinated, circa 2016, branded M&Ms in a cabinet shelf somewhere (they’re still edible!).
  • Some swag and swag hard. And you better believe we’ve swagged with the best of ‘em.
  • Some well-known, large destinations seem effortlessly noticeable by default.
  • Some do it all.

Amid the grid, how is your DMO competing at trade shows?

From tchotchkes to well-designed pop-up displays, no matter the tangible strategies your DMO uses to stand out during a show, some smart and simple digital tactics can complement these efforts.

Here Are Three.


Be Out of Sight Outtasight! 

Tradeshow email image

Don’t be out of sight before and after showtime. Familiarity is powerful. Have a personalized pre- and post-show email tailor-made for your sales team’s needs. (We do this.) Tell planners that your destination will be there, but more importantly, tell them why they’ll care.

Having an agency create personable emails to be sent before and after a trade show benefits your DMO in several ways. It:

  • Saves your staff time on creating messages, invitations, scheduling appointments and gathering RSVPs
  • Creates awareness for your sales team’s activities
  • Increases attendance and booth visitation (Remember, familiarity; she’s a powerful creature.)
  • Helps your DMO gain maximum ROI for your budgeted travel and event dollars
  • Automates your follow-up and takes it off your team’s plate

It takes more than showing up. After all … out of sight, out of mind, right?


Invest in Geofencing.

Geofencing ImageMeeting planners are head down, phone out. Hell, we all are. So, talk to the planners you want to talk to when and where they’re most easily reached. (We do this too.) Have a special promotion for your destination? Have something cool at your booth? Having an agency create a hyper-targeted, location-based, digital geofencing campaign benefits your DMO in several ways. It:

  • Targets and engages planners during the trade show, but also when several DMOs are sitting idle, before the trade show
  • Creates another point of contact that plants your destination in the planner’s brain
  • Increases attendance and booth visitation


Be Social with Your Social.

Social media is just a phrase until you have a plan. It just so happens, trade shows are the perfect opportunity to be social with your social.  (We help you do this.) Having an agency create buzz around your trade show presence through your social channels before, during and after the show benefits your DMO in several ways. It:

  • Increases brand awareness and engagement for your DMO
  • Can help grow your followers and subscribers for your social channels
  • Can help you plan your DMO’s content based on the conversation and engagement topics from trade shows through social listening

Trade shows are an investment. Seeing a return from the financial and opportunity costs of your sales/marketing team’s attendance is imperative for your DMO. And while there isn’t a mathematical approach to getting more asses in your aisle {carry the 3 … divide by … nope … won’t work}, there is a digital approach. We get it, and we know how to compliment your current trade show presence.


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