Group Sales Teams: Close Business … Then Close More.

A few thoughtful marketing efforts can help your DMO close more sales. Take note!

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Close more Sales Image - Digital EdgeUse Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing automation can create a streamlined way for your sales team to communicate to their leads and has been shown to increase campaign performance and engage planners better than with a generic email.

Through the automation, planners receive more than a blanketed email. Instead, they get a series of hyper-relevant and personalized messages about your destination (and more importantly, about things that pique their specific interests). These emails are crafted according to user interaction, so think of this process as an “If this, then that” scenario. For example, if a planner opens the first email in the series, they’ll get a specific email with the second send; if they don’t open the first one, the next email they receive will be different from those that opened the first email.

You can integrate this program with your web forms, email interactions and campaign conversions.

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Email Automation for Sales Image - Digital EdgeUse Blogs as Built-In Selling Tools

Not every question is answered (or every curiosity satisfied) on a site visit alone. Blogs that are specific to your meetings & conventions business can provide planners with additional information, and answer any retrospective questions that might arise. Think of these as built-in website tools to help you sell. Typically, meetings blogs read a little more conversational than your other web pages.  They help illustrate the nuances of your destination and provide material for future attendees to peruse.

Customize Sales Messages via Marketing

Marketing brings your sales message to life. Look to create campaigns that speak to the market niches and the different types of planners. For example, think about creating (or getting a skillful digital agency to build) a customer-focused landing page to target your leads. You can create individual landing pages for associations, medical planners, corporate planners, etc. Landing pages are a creative way to showcase your sales messages and can provide highlights about the destination, potentially converting leads into sales.

For a closer look at what it takes to close business through proven meetings marketing & sales tactics., read how our Co-Founder Shirley Smith draws from her years of sales experience in the free download of her ebook, “Put Some Wind in your Sales.” 

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