Personalization Increasing Focus as Brands Concentrate on Customer Experience

Everything is part of the customer experience. From the moment a prospect sees an ad the customer experience has begun and it doesn’t end until the relationship does.

More and more brands are turning to personalization to enhance the customer experience.  According to a recent Adobe report, personalization depends on technology, but it is human insight that moves it beyond the algorithms relating products and people. Great personalization can be fundamental to relevance, while bad personalization feels intrusive and unnecessary.

That same report showed that making the experience as personalized and relevant as possible was the leading priority in terms of improving the customer experience with making the experience as valuable as possible was second.

According to the Adobe ‘Digital Roadblock’ survey of marketers carried out in early 2014, personalization ranks as the most important capability in regard to future marketing efforts. This comes as no surprise when taking into consideration the strong commercial case for personalization. Separate research carried out by Econsultancy in association with Adobe revealed that on average, businesses personalizing the customer experience report a 14% uplift in sales.

So how can you use personalization to improve your customers experience?

  • Take your email marketing further with personalization, segmentation and innovative customizations
  • Stop talking to your customers with one voice and start segmenting your messages based on your audience
  • Create content that speaks to the various audiences you are targeting
  • Utilize sophisticated CRM systems that allow you to have a one to one relationship with your customer and knows their preferences

Looking for help in creating personalizations to increase your customers experience with your brand?  Let’s talk.

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