How a Digital Mindset Will Help DMO’s Promote Your Meetings & Convention Product

[vc_row equal_height=”” font_color=”light” shift_y=”0″ z_index=”0″][vc_column][vc_column_text]Being digital is not a new idea, and in the Meetings & Conventions industry DMOs know and understand that implementing digital strategies are a vital aspect of efficiency and effectiveness for their business. But knowing is only half the battle. How does one make that shift in thinking? Well it starts with creating a Digital Mindset.

Adapt to the Mobile Mindset

PCMA discussed in their Futurecast Article with an “emerging generation of prospective attendees consuming content on their smartphone from all major media outlets, they’ll demand the same level of convenience from other organizations, too.”

As more people pull devices from their pockets to catch up on the latest news and events, especially at events, DMOs MUST THINK, “How will my M&C content (website copy, emails, display ads, and videos) translate on mobile devices?” Thinking beyond responsive design, but more on readability, catchy and concise copy and engaging content. Ensure you have an Integrated Media Campaign and Content Marketing Program that takes into consideration mobile devices.

Utilize Every Aspect of Social

According to a recent survey of Meeting Planners done by Tambourine, the top two social networks used by meeting planners is LinkedIN (60.36%) and Facebook (42.01%) with Twitter, IMeet and others trailing behind. Thus, marketing and advertising on these social channels is not only beneficial, but necessary.

Social Media Marketing may be a difficult feat as the platforms and the social media world in general evolves constantly, but adapting to features like Facebook Live and Facebook Audio can really engage and reach a larger audience. Features like these allow for users to generate content on behalf of your organization, look at it as FREE “word of mouth” or in this case “word of social” advertising by consumers who are already engaged in your meeting event.

With LinkedIn being a top performing platform for Meeting Planners it’s a no brainer to use it to reach out to planners in the industry to create relationships and generate leads. Check out our case study on how we used LinkedIn to improve engagement for Visit Park City.


In a world where “going green” is not only important but trending, following an eco-friendly outlook can improve engagement and simultaneously reduce waste. Meeting planners are putting more emphasis on a destination’s green initiatives when making a decision to host a meeting and convention, especially with hotel products being LEED friendly. But how else can we reduce waste and go more green? One simple word, DIGITIZE!

As we mentioned above, more and more individuals are using their mobile devices to get their news and information, so it’s no surprise they are using them while attending a meeting, convention, event or tradeshow. So why not digitize your branding assets and materials? No one wants to tote around booklets and paper, digitize your brochures and make things accessible on tablets and mobile devices.

According to the Tambourine Survey:
33% of meeting planners prefer to submit RFPs online
59% of meeting planners prefer to communicate through email
72% of meeting planners prefer to watch Video Facilities Tours[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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