What Does a Marketing Strategy for Meetings Look Like?

Our marketing strategy is meetings-focused and uses methodical analyses to create comprehensive plans of action. (WAIT! Don’t get glassy-eyed just yet.) This blog isn’t going to be fluffed with pedantic jargon, we promise.

This blog is going to give you a glimpse into a core service that we offer. We call it our meetings marketing strategy, and to us, it’s the groundwork of a solid marketing campaign for DMOs. Take a peek.

Site Visit & Audit of Meetings Product

We go on-site for an up-close, first-hand look at our client’s meetings assets. It’s on this site visit where we get to really experience the overtones and distinctions of the destination and gather inspiration for our meetings marketing efforts.

Situational Analysis

We evaluate a destination’s current position and environment, diving into industry trends, DMO staff and other internal and external factors.

Meetings SWOT Analysis

What are your strengths? Weaknesses? Opportunities? Threats? Do you have excellent airlift or infrastructure? Are your hotel properties high-priced? Are there new developments that will create opportunities? We assess and then we incorporate what we learn into our planning.

Meetings Marketing Segmentation Development

In the marketing strategy, we identify the top market segments to focus on, the emerging market segments and low-demand season market segments.

Marketing Strategies & Tactics

Based on our analyses, we provide recommendations on meetings and convention marketing to give the DMO a comprehensive approach to building awareness and driving leads for the sales team. Along with these, we deliver tailored strategies and tactics that go hand-in-hand with our recommendations and your DMO’s goals.

We uncover key challenges that might hinder destination awareness, create planner misconceptions or deter conversions for the sales team. Along with a thorough product overview, competitive analysis and some other key analyses (c’mon, we can’t give it all away!), we create a meetings marketing strategy that is extensive and well thought out.


How could our meetings marketing strategy benefit your DMO?

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