The Confidence-Boosting Site DMOs Are Sharing With Partners & Event Organizers

Let’s show the world meetings can and are happening safely with key protocols in place, and help destinations everywhere on the path to recovery.

Meetings Mean Business ImagePlanners have indicated in study after study that they need proof that meetings are happening and that they are being held safely. Thus, the U.S. Travel Association, under the Meetings Mean Business effort, developed the MeetSafe.Travel site to demonstrate to planners that meetings can and are happening.

Let’s help the effort by submitting examples of how your destination is hosting groups and events. The more data inputted into the site will drive a strong showcase of the group activity to help prove to decision-makers that meetings are possible, even in today’s climate.

Here at Digital Edge, we have been sharing with every one of our clients the story behind the site and examples of meetings posted. We’ve also been demonstrating how easy it is to post an event to the site. This has led some clients to request support to spread the word to their partners and stakeholders.

Visit Park City Safe Meetings ImageFor Visit Park City, we developed an email around the MeetSafe.Travel site explaining what the site was, how it was used and how partners can submit their events once they occur. The email was sent to each of the group partners with links to the site, the form, and the examples. Visit Park City’s sales team will also follow up with partners after events occur to help them get the events posted in a timely manner.

Columbus Georgia Safe Meetings Blog ImageFor the Visit Columbus Georgia team, we included the same information on the MeetSafe.Travel site to their sales committee as part of a presentation demonstrating the destination’s meetings marketing recovery efforts. The hoteliers and facilities on the call appreciated the information, and the CVB plans to follow up with them as they host meetings and will start posting their success stories on the site.

Let’s help meeting planners overcome the challenge of proving to decision-makers and attendees the safety of meeting, and show them what’s possible when we all work together. The MeetSafe.Travel initiative is essential in helping bring back meetings and driving interest in group options.

Digital Edge is a proud supporter of and member of the U.S. Travel Association’s Meetings Mean Business Board.

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