The Future Meeting Attendee is Gen Z

“We [Gen Z] are digital natives, and we do understand online, but that doesn’t mean that we want every single experience of our lives to be online. We’re a generation that just also really values experiences.”

– Gretta Kissell, Managing Partner, JUV Consulting


They may be young, but come off as wise beyond their years when it comes to the modern world. Gen Z-ers (those born between 1995-2010) are the uprising attendees ready to make their mark on the meetings and conventions industry—and what they say, feel, and want to see at future events could make or break how DMOs and planners do business. To generate conversation around an upcoming event for Gen Z, you have to put yourself in their shoes.

Much like the millennial-aged meeting attendees, Gen Z-ers want to attend meetings and events that engage the audience with interactive activities, push the boundaries of technology, promote inclusive experiences, and exude both visual and in-person communication.

Reach out to learn more about how the Gen Z attendees are re-writing the meetings playbook of expectations and planning.



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