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Tried-and-True Solutions + Cutting-Edge Technology: Meet Digital Edge’s New Website

Our new website has an even edgier look to match our approach to B2B marketing for the travel and tourism industry.

If you’re familiar with Digital Edge, chances are you’ve noticed (especially since you’re reading this) that we have a new website! If you’re new to our B2B agency, welcome! We have a new website!

Regardless of whether our new website is new or known news to you, we wanted to share some of the highlights and give a shoutout to our DigiBunch team members who put so much time and effort into this project. It’s been a labor of love since February.

“Our edgier marketing approach comes to life on every page of our website. We’re passionate about our work, our team and the amazing destinations we get to collaborate with — and that passion shines through in everything we do, including the creation of our new website.”

group of designers working on paper brainstorming


The new website’s creative design still features the agency’s signature logo and purple and green brand colors with the addition of fresh fonts, funky patterns and eye-catching video.

"The goal was to create a design that represents the philosophy of our work — combining tested, tried-and-true solutions with cutting-edge technology and striking visuals. This is evident in the use of traditional, almost book-like font pairings combined with HD video, animated iconography, staggered textures and duotone imagery. The carefully crafted blend of design elements is meant to illustrate our tendency to push boundaries by embracing the new and the bold while remaining anchored in our expertise and decades of combined experience.”


The content of our new website aims to focus more on the client and how they can benefit from partnering with us.

“Our creative director did an amazing job honoring the content and bringing it to life. With our new site, we don't shy away from using our words because there is an intention with them. Particularly on our services pages, you'll see that we don't skirt around what we do best and why we do it differently. We wanted to provide context and give our audience confidence in knowing that we see them, we see their needs, and we see success for them – finding traces of that evidence no matter where they are on our site. There wasn’t one page that didn’t have team input, direction and inspiration behind it, and that really comes through on this new site.”

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With more than 100 years of collective experience in destination marketing and group and hotel sales, Digital Edge possesses a unique advantage in connecting with today’s planning professionals — in meetings, travel trade or sports — and affecting ROI. The new website spotlights Digital Edge’s expansive suite of advanced sales and marketing services for destination organizations, convention centers, hotels and beyond—including strategy, creative, media, content, sales, research and video.


Looking to give your travel and tourism organization digital marketing an edge? Contact us directly to learn more about our services.
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