Building Excitement for Visit Sacramento’s Convention Center Expansion

By Melanie Cornwell & Colette DuChanois

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Digital Edge helped Visit Sacramento generate substantial interest in its convention center expansion, keep audiences engaged and informed throughout the journey, and build excitement for the grand reopening. 

Oh, and did we mention this all was happening in the middle of a pandemic?

3 Big Wins

Generating strong interest in the convention center

Keeping audiences engaged and informed

Building excitement for the grand reopening


Visit Sacramento needed a marketing campaign to up the hype for their newly named and expanded SAFE Credit Union Convention Center. The destination also wanted to keep audiences like meeting planners informed throughout the development stages.

Challenge Accepted!

Visit Sacramento began working with the Digital Edge team beginning with the planned expansion and renovation of our convention center. They brought research and strategies to develop key messaging, audience targeting and media selection during each of the building phases — pre-construction to grand opening. They spent time in market getting to know and understand our destination and the value it provides to customers. That, combined with their years of experience in hotels and destination marketing organizations, led to the development of a plan that was specifically suited for our destination and market to bring awareness to the project and ultimately convert customers to users of the new and improved facility. Our partnership with Digital Edge has continued to this day, now two years after the reopening of the convention center.
Sonya Bradley
Chief of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Visit Sacramento


Visit Sacramento first partnered with Digital Edge to work together on an awareness campaign for the convention center’s new offerings while the facility was being enhanced and for the reopening.  It was a partnership from the beginning. For the campaign creative, Visit Sacramento’s bold new branding bolstered the design.
“Before we fully showcased the new rebel branding for Sacramento with their current ‘Plan and Chill’ campaign, we were able to integrate a few elements of paint swashes and grungy distressed textures to transition from their older brand while highlighting the convention center updates! It was like leaving visual Easter eggs alluding not only to a new convention center expansion but the new Sacramento.”
Meanwhile, the campaign’s in-depth content marketing heightened anticipation for the reopening, relayed cleanliness and safety during a time when this information was of the utmost importance, and generated future booking interest. The campaign was explicitly tailored toward keeping Visit Sacramento and the convention center expansion at the top of planners’ minds. It was important to have dedicated efforts to marketing the new convention center as it went through each phase of development to keep planners in the loop and let them feel like they were a part of the journey with all of us.
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“When it came to developing content to market the Sacramento convention center expansion, there were a lot of components to make sure the focus was on the specs before the sparkle while still driving interest to the destination. It was important to build robust content for the expansion and its strides through the pandemic — it was about making sure we market it as a fresh new facility poised to plan meetings that defy convention.”

Making It Happen

Digital Edge’s integrated awareness campaign for Visit Sacramento and the convention center expansion was layered with email marketing, video marketing, social media marketing, meetings trade media, geofencing at major industry shows and sales strategies

We used content marketing to ensure the website messaging was on point and robust to create more depth of knowledge around the convention center’s expansion and renovations. 

In addition, Digital Edge researched, wrote and designed a recovery campaign in parallel with marketing the convention center expansion. We brought health and safety information together with a designed safety seal that Visit Sacramento implemented across businesses in the community, helping bridge the gap between the campaign and the local implementation.

And because of the timeline of the convention center’s renovation and expansion (January 2019–mid-2021), we were able to leverage the fact that the facility was not exposed to outdoor elements during COVID-19 – a key selling point for planners. Marketing a unique indoor-outdoor experience within an expansive convention complex was also an appealing element during a time when open-air spaces were heavily valued.

Visit Sacramento and Digital Edge continued to build excitement for booking meetings and conventions with the grand reopening of the newly renovated and expanded SAFE Credit Union Convention Center. 

It was important to showcase the bigger and better facility’s specs, like 240,000 square feet of programmable space, 160,000 of exhibit space, 40,000 square feet of flexible ballroom space, 15,000 square feet of outdoor plaza space, four exhibit halls, three lobbies and 37 breakout rooms for smaller groups — as well as its ability to host stacked group events, allowing unprecedented flexibility.  

When the center reopened in June 2021, Digital Edge created an email marketing campaign, which included monthly emails that continued to raise awareness for the new facility being open and ready to host. We also created quarterly emails to promote Visit Sacramento’s stacked groups campaign, developing messaging on how multiple groups could meet in the convention center simultaneously, separately and uninterrupted.

The Results

This robust campaign that took Visit Sacramento through each phase of the convention center expansion — pre-construction, construction and reopening — to tell the story of the redevelopment stages and had razor-sharp intent, yielding big results:

  1. Strong interest was generated in the convention center to drive the opening and market it as a safe, fresh and new facility ready to host bolder meetings.
  2. Through our collaboration — Digital Edge handling the marketing strategy and Visit Sacramento managing the sales and community messaging — we were able to keep the audiences engaged and informed. 
  3. Excitement grew for the grand reopening of the convention center.

By-the-Numbers Metrics

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