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2019 Marketing Services


Why us over, say, Schigital Schmedge or Edgital Didge?

Our services are in-house and hyper-focused for each DMOs needs, whether they involve marketing strategies and solutions for meetings, leisure, sports or the trifecta.

We base our work on real-time data and real-life experiences (we’ve been in the trenches with you, remember?). With DMO sales and marketing in our blood, we get it…and we serve it up with expressive ideas punctuated with plenty of Aha! moments.

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Digital Media

Our campaigns are driven by real-time data and managed in-house by seasoned, certified professionals. We dive into understanding psychographics, demographics and user behaviors. With over a decade of street cred, we’ll show you (every month, with transparent reporting) how we are getting you the best ROI.

Media Management

We’ll execute an evaluation of your current media buys to identify areas where we can support in managing existing buys, renegotiating media proposals, and developing and delivering the creative to media outlets.

Traditional & Digital Creative

While researching and keeping up with the latest trends and skills in the design world, rest assured that our creative team will deliver solutions that perform.

Content Marketing

We provide strategy-backed development and distribution in harmony with your DMO’s sales and marketing efforts. Sure, content is king, but effectiveness is emperor.

Email Marketing

Expertly designed, data-backed, “I’d click it” emails that generate interest, leads, bookings and readership.

Social Media

From specific targeting and analytical evaluation to understanding the significance of a diverse ad spend, our socially-savvy trend hunters go beyond the post with smart marketing that connects your DMO to your intended audiences.

Website Audit & Strategy

Analytical application + DMO lore: a solid concoction to pull you out of your website rut.

We give you an incisive website analysis that dives into the differentiating attributes of your destination with a strategy to speak to your specific audiences.

Video & 360

From aerial to 360 and everything in between, we’ll blend just the right mixture of elements to set you apart from the competition.

Attribution & Reporting

We track the success of your marketing efforts by measuring what channels and assets are creating sales opportunities. We understand all of the factors at play for maximizing your marketing ROI.

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