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2019 Sales Services

Sales Services

We understand what it takes to sell your destination because we have been in your shoes. Our team has worked for DMO’s sales and marketing teams. This is why we’ve created sales services to provide the sales team with the support they need without taxing the marketing team using your brand. We understand how to analyze the sales data to target the right planners and move them through the meeting planners buyers journey.

Sales Support

Sales Activity Email Marketing

A systematic approach to communicating your tradeshows, client events, sales missions and FAM tours.


Sales Reports Evaluation

Get a detailed analysis of your sales reports to gain a better understanding of potential market segments, geo markets and other valuable data.

Mid-West & Mid-Atlantic Client Event Coordination

We provide support services to help you pull off a truly successful client event, including: qualification, invitations, registration, site selection and event/vendor coordination.


Destination Experiential Programs a.k.a. FAMs

Our unique program is designed to provide the destination with key knowledge of a planner’s perception and marketing resources to utilize in future meetings marketing efforts, a win-win even if the destination isn’t chosen to host a future program.


Focus Groups

We have the industry experience to ensure you get the maximum ROI on this investment, giving you a better understanding of your target markets or digital efforts.


Third Party Partnership Management

We manage your DMO Partner Program to ensure you maximize your partnership investment, stay on task and gain maximum exposure.

Email Marketing

Client Database Evaluation

An evaluation of your meetings database to identify your target markets and business opportunities to drive your marketing efforts.


Growth Markets and Persona Development

Develop core meeting planner personas of who you want to reach and how they are influenced to use in creating specific marketing tactics for leads.

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