Tier 3 Meetings Marketing: The Resort Destination of Park City, UT

In the ten years that Digital Edge has been creating meetings marketing solutions for DMOs, Visit Park City has been with the agency for 80% of that time. See how we’ve helped drive group business leads and interest in Park City, UT, over the years.


Author: Kerrie Yancey


Visit Park City (VPC) was seeking a meetings-focused agency to complement their leisure agency’s efforts with on-brand marketing and a campaign targeted to the right planners for the mountain resort town’s product.


Digital Edge integrated tier-three-focused destination meetings marketing with a highly-targeted multitouch campaign strategy. These drove measurable and trackable group business leads and interest in Park City, UT.


Park City is a marketing agency’s dream. Known by many as “America’s Favorite Mountain Town,” the destination has a welcoming atmosphere, beautiful Wasatch mountain range, convenient location (especially compared to other mountain towns), mix of recognizable hotel and resort brands, award-winning dining, an Olympic legacy, and a team of warm and friendly destination experts. 

When we came along, the mountains and the magic were there, but meetings interest needed to stack up. VPC needed us to drive the sales team’s activities and create awareness outside of the state for their top-tier conference facilities and off-site meeting space.

A lot has been done over the last eight years, but overall, Digital Edge:

  • Helped raise awareness for Park City’s remarkable shoulder season offerings to build demand when it was needed most and level out occupancy and ADR
  • Inspired interest through new and existing destination stories, told through a mix of digital content
  • Provided strategic solutions in alignment with Park City’s sales team’s needs and maximized the ROI of sales activities – through trade shows, third parties, client events, FAMs and sponsorships
  • Managed trade media to minimize costs and maximize exposure to targeted audiences


Year 1 (2014-2015)
  • Email Marketing
  • LinkedIn Strategy
  • Social Media Management
Year 2 (2015-2016)
  • Meetings Digital Campaign
  • SMERF Digital Campaign
  • SMERF Emails
  • Geofencing: MPI WEC, IMEX
  • LinkedIn Campaign
  • Sales Activity Emails
Year 3 (2016-2017)
  • Meetings Digital Campaign
  • Geofencing: ASAE & IMEX
  • LinkedIn & Facebook Campaigns
  • Monthly Email
  • Retargeting
  • Third Party Marketing
Year 4 (2017-2018)
  • Social Distribution
  • Paid Search
  • Pre-Roll and Video Retargeting
  • Geofencing: ASAE, Connect, IMEX
  • Sales Activity
  • Third Party Program
  • In-Market Geofencing
Year 5 (2018-2019)
  • Meetings Digital Campaign
  • Pre-Roll
  • Geofencing: ASAE, Connect, IMEX
  • In-Market Geofencing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Sales Activity
  • Social Distribution
  • Survey Management
  • Design
  • Video Production
Year 6 (2019-2020)
  • Email Marketing
  • Sales Activity
  • Content Marketing
  • Video Content
  • Social Distribution
  • Display & Retargeting
  • Facebook Campaign
  • Pre-Roll
  • In-Market Geofencing
  • Geofencing: ASAE, Connect, IMEX
Years 7 & 8 (2020-2022)
  • Virtual FAM Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Website Audit & Strategy
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing 
  • SendSites Content Development
  • Trade Media Management


Main Meetings

On the Right Trail

Park City’s overall meetings campaign engages organizations that plan smaller meetings, with focused market segments including corporate/incentive, corporate/medical and associations.

Individual Site Visit

Has Park City Peaked Your Interest?

A retargeting campaign that attracts planners who had previously shown interest in Park City and includes focused calls to action to schedule an individual site visit in the destination.


Redefining Incentive Programs

A campaign that creates interest from planners of domestic incentive groups and showcases Park City’s five-star resorts, luxury and wellness offerings, various activities and convenient location.


Experiential Spring Meetings Start Here

A campaign highlighting the benefits of meeting in Park City during the springtime shoulder season (mid-April through mid-June), targeting planners looking for a more affordable time to meet in the destination.

THE RESULTS: 2020-2022

Meetings Website New Users (Compared to Previous 2-Year Period)

  • 72,669 Overall (↑ 6.36%)
  • 32,175 from Google/Banner (↑ 869.42%)
  • 15,456 from Facebook/Banner (527.78%)
  • 2,290 from LinkedIn/Paid Social (1,124.60%)

Email Deliverables & Metrics (Over the Last 2 Years)

  • 95 Monthly & Sales Support Emails 
  • 36.52% Average Open Rate
  • 44,000+ Total Opens
  • 6.49% Average Click Rate

Additional Marketing Deliverables & Metrics

  • 34 Sponsored Social Posts
  • 3 Virtual FAMs
  • 335 Virtual FAM Attendees
  • 27 Individual Site Visit Signups
  • 10 Content Pieces
  • 12 Meetings-Focused Videos

Main Meetings Campaign Metrics

Display Ads (Facebook & Google)

  • Impressions: 11,911,983
  • Clicks: 54,914
  • Avg. CTR: 0.46%

Paid Social (Facebook & LinkedIn)

  • Impressions: 2,198,593
  • Clicks: 31,792
  • CTR: 1.45%

Individual Site Visit Campaign

Display Ads (Facebook, Google & LinkedIn)

  • Impressions: 2,084,130
  • Clicks: 16,849 
  • CTR: 0.81%

Incentive Campaign

Display Ads (Facebook, Google & LinkedIn)

  • Impressions: 2,059,553 
  • Clicks: 10,648 
  • CTR: 0.52%

Virtual FAM Campaign

Display Ads (Facebook & LinkedIn)

  • Impressions: 107,622
  • Clicks: 1,343
  • CTR: 1.25%


Successfully marketing for tier three destination meetings takes methodical strategies, seasoned intuition and a true understanding of how to bridge the gap between a DMO’s sales and marketing teams. 

For our beloved legacy client, we continue to effectively target specific meeting segments during Park City’s need times; optimize and evolve creative and content; strategize to get more ROI from trade show investments; utilize our understanding of multiple media platforms to reach planners in the different buying cycles; and … we listen.

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