Our Digital Edge team is delighted to welcome Nick Obukhov as the new Vice President of Marketing Strategy! Alongside Nick’s appointment, we are equally proud to see the successful transition of Kim Ritten and Mae Bodine into their new positions as Vice Presidents of Client Strategy.


Nick’s Arrival

Nick’s arrival not only enriches our senior leadership team, but it reinforces our agency’s commitment to delivering that Digital Edge standard of value to our clients. A little about Nick: he prides himself on his unrelenting pursuit of knowledge and constantly strives to enhance his skills in managing the digital experience. He adeptly transitions from developing long-term strategies and budget planning to performing technical tasks, and has spent the last decade gaining extensive expertise in his diverse skill set. In his role, Nick will be responsible for leading the development and execution of marketing strategies that will drive growth and achieve agency and client goals.


Kim’s Transition

Kim Ritten is currently transitioning from her previous role as the Vice President of Client Relations at Digital Edge. As a seasoned professional in the field of tourism sales and marketing, Kim has brought over three decades of experience in hotel sales and marketing and destination organization expertise to the agency during her five-year tenure. With a deep passion for the industry, Kim uses her extensive knowledge and warm and kind demeanor to foster meaningful relationships and partnerships, resulting in successful outcomes for both our clients and our agency. (We love our Kim!)


Mae’s Transition

Mae Bodine expressed her enthusiasm about her new role as Vice President of Client Strategy, stating, “During my tenure of six years at Digital Edge, I have had the privilege to advance my skills in marketing and nurture a competent and dynamic team – a team of people who would make anyone proud! As I continue to grow as a leader within our company, I am eager to bring my proficiencies to our esteemed clients. My primary focus will be to establish and foster robust relationships with our partners and support their marketing initiatives through strategic planning.” (We love our Mae!)


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Anticipating the Awesome

Our Co-Founder Mya expressed her excitement adding, “We are thrilled to welcome Nick to our team and extend our congratulations to Mae and Kim for their recent transitions! We are confident that Nick, Mae, and Kim’s collective expertise will play an essential role in driving our company forward, and we look forward to their valuable contributions.”

These key developments in our personnel not only strengthen our leadership team but also our unique advantage in being able to effectively connect with today’s planning professionals – fulfilling the distinctive needs of destinations. It’s a fun gig. And we’re loving every minute of it.

Here’s to the exciting changes ahead!