8 Insights for Developing Meetings Marketing Content Calendars

8 Insights for Developing Meetings Marketing Content Calendars

Tips for Revamping Your Social Media and Content Calendars to Leverage Your DMO’s Marketing Efforts

First Things First: Have a Plan for Planning Ahead

Before you start creating your content calendar, document your goals so you and your team can follow along and understand what pillars and results are needed to be met. Using a structured content calendar will also help organize different messaging and strategies for successful meetings marketing efforts.

The Importance of Research & Development

The research and development phase prior to starting your content calendar is an important process to ensure your social media and content aligns with the current industry climate — and showcases how it has changed, adapted, and implemented new methods into their marketing strategies through messaging.

Content Calendar Topics Must Have Balance & Relevance

When it comes to grabbing the attention of your DMO’s target audience through content, you want your calendar to have balanced messaging and relevance to that specific audience.

  • Create content that reflects synergy between media platforms.
  • Convey your message in a memorable, yet, professional way.
  • Capture your audience by including a direct or catchy call-to-action (CTA).
  • Acknowledge the appropriate times and digital climate before putting your messaging out there.

Pair Your Verbiage With Visuals

Add some pizzazz to your content calendar by decorating your copy with some creativity to stand out.

  • Utilize your destination’s brand to repurpose and create relevant graphics that speak to your current messaging to use across platforms.
  • Have fun with it, show some wit! Content headlines that include a play on words or showcase personality tend to get more attention.
  • Use destination imagery or videos to create visual content with text that will align with your audience’s preferences.

Rebel Against the Repetitive

From “pivot” to “unprecedented” to everyone’s favorite phrase, ”the road to recovery,” this messaging has burnt out. Now is the time to “pivot” your content calendar messaging. *Insert Ross Pivot Friends GIF*

You want to differentiate your calendar content to provide fresh messaging, stand out among the noise, and avoid online fatigue. Personalizing your content to your audience’s persona can also help bring in higher conversion rates.


Track Past & Present Performance to Help Plan Future Content

Use your content calendar to create a faster track for not just developing content but publishing it, as well. With a calendar, marketers can track big-picture and past performance in social posts to analyze which content performed best so they can adjust their strategy accordingly.

Digi-Tip: Create a Content Library to Keep Organized

Digital Edge works with a variety of DMOs with a variety of content needs. That’s why creating a content library for each of our client calendars becomes helpful when there are multiple campaigns going simultaneously — and keeps us on track of what’s been done and what’s coming up.

Stay On Trend … But Don’t Be Trendy

When developing your content calendar, it’s pertinent to evaluate your current messaging and see if it parallels the types of topics trending throughout the tourism industry’s social media, email marketing and content marketing. By recognizing these industry-focused content trends, you can maintain proactiveness, keep up with the latest, and stay current in order to keep your content relevant and fresh.

Your Content Calendar Has a Purpose

The role content marketing and social media play in the tourism, hospitality and meetings and conventions industry is and will continue to be significant and ever-evolving. A structured content calendar that utilizes these dynamic tools allows your destination to “own their story,” see how digital audiences assess the performance of their organization, provides a powerful platform to keep the M&C community informed, and allows DMOs to position themselves as thought-leaders through timely, informational content.

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