A Destination Partnership Built On a Strong Foundation & Innovation

Visit Park City “Strength in Length” Case Study

Digital Edge and Visit Park City’s partnership started from humble beginnings in 2016. With a need to raise awareness for meetings in the destination during their shoulder season (Spring and Summer), Digital Edge was tasked with creating an integrated meetings marketing strategy and campaign that aligns with goals, remains agile, creative and provides continuity, as well as innovation over the past six years.

Partnership Objectives:

  • Raising awareness for Park City as a year-round meetings destination
  • Getting meeting planners to experience the destination via individual site tours or FAMs.
  • Maximize the ROI of sales activities – trade shows, client events, FAMs, sponsorships
  • Focus on shoulder season to build demand when it is needed most and level out occupancy and ADR
  • Manage third party media to minimize costs and maximize exposure to targeted audiences

Content Marketing Works!

Through content evaluation, Digital Edge continuously analyzes Park City’s meetings content for visitation, conversion, CTR and search volume. We use this intel to recommend content topics, i.e. a mix of general meetings content and branded “Park City” content. DE has created over 100 pieces of meeting content for the website.

All of the content is optimized for search prior to being distributed and in compliance with the format for the site’s SEO. Our team researches the content, interviews local stakeholders when needed, interviews meeting planners when needed and works to ensure the content utilizes the Park City messaging, tone and voice.


Digital Edge’s targeted digital advertising approach allows us to create and refine campaign strategies to reach meeting planners in Park City’s focus markets and geo-locations.

Digital Edge has taken an integrated media approach to digital marketing by:

  • Using a mix of display advertising via the world’s largest and most efficient advertising networks
  • Retargeting off of meetings website and landing pages
  • Social media distribution campaigns via Linkedin and Facebook
  • Email Marketing
  • Trade Media Marketing
  • Video Pre-Roll Marketing
  • Content Marketing

We’ve evolved Visit Park City’s meetings marketing from general awareness-based and lead-generation marketing campaigns to specific campaigns and materials that hone in on Visit Park City’s target markets for group business even more effectively.

So, what’s the key to Visit Park City and Digital Edge’s success? Time. It’s allowing campaigns and programs to evolve and pace over time, while shifting in areas that are providing the most ROI and pivoting. And, what might be most beneficial overall, is the length of time working together and maintaining a continued relationship that builds a strong foundation of trust, expertise and creativity — ultimately leading to a successful destination partnership.


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