Digital Edge Tips for Meetings Marketing Recovery Campaign Targeting

Are Your Meetings Marketing Recovery Campaigns Targeting the Right Planners?

Digital Edge Tips to Assist in Campaign Targeting

As we start launching our meetings marketing recovery campaigns, it’s important to hone in on the right audience for your destination. If your destination has a convention center, it is most likely going to need to be the focus of your meetings marketing. With so many destinations needing to focus on future year business (2024, 2025 and 2026), it is key to develop detailed targeting strategies to reach the right planner audience.

First you need to have a clear understanding of the size groups that best fit your meetings product. For instance, some destinations with smaller convention centers fall into groups with 400 to 750 on peak with 200,000 square feet in room space needs. Whereas in larger centers, you may need to look at a full citywide convention (peak rooms + space) and/or stacking groups in the center to optimize your space.

Once you identify the targeting cluster based on group size, you’ll want to look at the top performing vertical market segments.

  • Which group types perform best for your destination?
  • Are there key categories to hone in on within those markets?
  • Are there vertical markets your community is looking to grow from an economic development perspective that you should target for meetings and convention business?

Now that you know the group size and types you want to target, it is important to identify where those groups are going to be coming in from. It is important to understand your destination’s airlift and the number of nonstop flights as these are going to be your key geo segments.

At Digital Edge, we spend a great deal of time developing detailed targeting strategies to best focus on the right kinds of audience-building techniques in order to drive influential marketing for the group sales team. This includes everything from email database evaluation, Google analytics audit and sales report evaluation. This in-depth research provides us with the data necessary to curate highly effective campaign targeting in alignment with your group sales efforts. Thus, reaching more specific audiences for your meetings marketing is where your team is more likely to gain and retain traction.

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