A Look at the Post-COVID Meeting Planner Persona

Meeting planners today are facing unprecedented uncertainty in the wake of COVID-19. From cancellations and postponements to venue closures and the shift to hybrid and digital events, the hospitality industry has been in a constant state of flux, and planners are struggling to adapt. One thing is for certain though—people are anxious to meet in person once again. Now, meeting planners have to figure out how to make that happen.

Meeting planners in a post-COVID era look a little different than your typical event aficionados. With a lot more concerns and priorities to focus on, Digital Edge takes an in-depth look at the traits of this new type of planner persona.

Covid Meeting Planner Persona Graphic Image

Post-COVID planners are busy trying to develop and plan meetings and events in an uncertain and ever-changing landscape. What they need has now trumped what they might have wanted in past planning experiences—assistance and flexibility from DMOs and hotel partners, upgraded technology and resources for hybrid and virtual event options, and clearly defined health and safety protocols, just to name a few. Navigating business through an industry in a constant state of flux has brought on a ‘sink or swim’ mentality to these types of planners as they’re trying to adapt to a new mindset of planning meetings and events in an environment that’s been turned upside down. Although, as post-COVID planners continue to move forward each day, more are learning to adapt to this new normal outlook—swimming with the changing tides to make meetings happen again.

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