How These DMOs Stayed Top of Mind in the Lowest of Times

As questions and concerns feverishly swirled around the future of the meetings and conventions industry during COVID-19, one common question stuck with Digital Edge…and we ran with it.

“How can we help others find value in us, even in today’s challenging environment?”

The answer was simple. Evaluate your current resources, and don’t panic. Although this seemed easier said than done, our team inserted our expertise and our services in that answer to help DMOs capitalize on resources they already had, adapt to a new mindset for marketing meetings in their destination, and think outside the box for ways to stay top of mind in a digitally-focused climate. Challenge accepted.

Check out some of the cool and creative work we’ve been doing with DMOs to keep their meeting destination top of mind in the lowest of travel times. 

(Let the journey of humble brags begin!)

First Up: A Virtual FAM Tour with Explore Branson

Branson Virtual FAM Tour Blog Image

When our friends at Explore Branson needed help for how they would continue to reach and engage meeting and event planners during a pandemic, we answered the call—and learned their team wanted to celebrate the destination moving into reopening by hosting a virtual FAM tour of Branson. With just three weeks to execute, we developed the creative for the FAM—including all of the marketing materials for it (messaging and content, social media ads, email communications, a dedicated landing page, an itinerary outline, and more)—and provided the deliverables for the Explore Branson team to host it. Our agency helped create an interactive virtual FAM tour to give remote planners from across the country access to explore some of Branson’s top meeting and entertainment offerings. Successfully, we might add. Read more about our DMO case study with Explore Branson from collaborative start to successful finish.

Welcoming Casper, WY, Aboard the Recovery Bandwagon

Visit Casper DE Campaign Image

With safety measures securely in place and the Casper Events Center and surrounding saloons waxing flexible, Visit Casper decided to eyeball a meetings campaign. They needed a sharp-shooting agency (spoiler alert: Digital Edge) with experience. With our hands steady on the holster, we built a meetings recovery strategy for getting Casper “wide open for business” and showcasing the destination as poised for planning and prepared to welcome back meetings and events. Read more about how we hit the bullseye for Visit Casper’s meetings campaign.

Boise CVB’s Phased Approach for Getting Back Out There

Boise CVB DE Campaign Image

In a virtual collaboration, our agency’s co-founder and Boise CVB’s Director of Sales led a Destinations International webinar that not only provided tips to bolster virtual sales and marketing efforts but included a case study on how Boise partnered with their convention center team for a recovery campaign. Utilizing our help and services to develop a two-part strategy, Boise CVB retained a goal for this phased recovery approach: Utilize a digital campaign to drive local, bring-it-home interest while simultaneously running a national (and traditional) lead generation-focused meetings campaign. Learn more with our case study about Boise CVB. 

It’s the Little Things That Can Make a Big Impact

No meeting destination is the same, so why should a destination’s meetings marketing be? By creating a multi-phased and tailored approach, our agency has helped DMOs with their meetings recovery strategies, funding requests, strategic presentations and tactical marketing plans, and maintained proactiveness with industry-focused resources and support.

Digital Edge takes pride in working with DMOs to help navigate meetings marketing during an unprecedented time. Through collaboration, we’ve helped conceptualize and create resourceful and promotional videos for bringing meetings and events back to destinations. In lieu of the recovery mindset, we helped Visit Park City, Visit Rapid City, and Explore Branson showcase their city’s expansive outdoor opportunities, open-air event venue options, messaging of support, and confidence in the new standards of health and safety each one has implemented—not only for locals but for future attendees.

We’ve Done It Before and We’ll Do It Again

Digital Edge Services Contact Image

There’s no better time to get in on our agency’s meetings marketing action! We’ve helped DMOs unleash their creativity and pivot to think outside the box to provide value to planners even during difficult times. Reach out to our team of experts or check out our superb sales services for yourself. And don’t forget to view our resources for the latest insights, tips, and tools for COVID-19 recovery. We’re here to help.

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