7 Pointers for Your DMO’s Content Editorial Calendar

As Digital Marketers, We ❤ Editorial Calendars.

Editorial calendars are imperative in a digital content strategy. They help maintain organization and consistency and are the frameworks for the content your DMO will create and distribute. We love the little guys. So here are some pointers to help you polish up your existing ones, or give you a leg up when you begin to create them.

7 Pointers for Your Editorial Calendar:

• Use one of the many online templates if you aren’t sure about how you would like to set it up.

• Make it realistic and don’t over complicate it.

• Think like a publisher. Plan themes and determine topics based on your goals, your audience’s needs, industry trends, and relevancy.

• Don’t plan a whole fiscal year’s worth of content topics and expect them to stay the same; though it’s important to follow your calendar, understand that it should have chameleon content – adaptable to industry trends, news and DMO priorities that fluctuate throughout the year.

• Consider the publishing platforms on which you plan for the content to be distributed. Keep in mind any design changes that will need to take place for the content to look appropriate on those platforms.

• Consider building a separate schedule for publishing content on each platform and how those schedules will support each other.

• Consider the content team you are going to use, their understanding and expertise of different content platforms and their ability to adapt to match each one.

For a further look at editorial calendars for your content strategy, download our full ebook “A Real Digital Content Strategy for DMOs” here.

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