Critical Step for Your Content Strategy: Research

Researching for your content strategy involves a little digital elbow grease but once the effort is made, it will allow you to create relevant content that is geared specifically to your audience.

Follow these tips to reach your DMO’s goals:

  • Research your audience and determine “content personas.”
  • Determine industry trends.
  • Take inventory and fill any content crannies.
  • Take insights from the past.
  • Learn from your peers.

Get to Know Your Audience

Create content personas. Even if you already know your audience as a segment, creating personas can help you deliver content that will be the most relevant and useful to that audience.

Determine Industry Trends

What are popular or up-and-coming trends within the M&C, sports or leisure travel industries? What are new innovations in technology within these industries, like apps that make planning easier and events more engaging? What’s the buzz among industry influencers and experts? Incorporating industry trends into your content not only gives you an edge over your competitors, it also shows your audience that your content is useful and relevant.

Content Inventory

Taking an inventory of your past content will help you determine what is outdated, irrelevant or duplicated, or any content crannies that need to be filled. This will help with search engine optimization and establish your DMO’s credibility as destination experts-experts who have a vested interest in their audience’s journey.

Take Insights from the past

The only way to learn from past campaigns is to track them well. This can involve:

  • Setting up each piece of content with tags that will help you monitor actions
  • Setting up Google Analytics to track micro-goals, user flows and conversions
  • Keeping a close eye on your social platforms

Learn from Your Peers

Don’t just look at what your competition is doing and assume it is working for them because it looks fun, innovative or exciting. Dig deep and look for objective indicators; find your destination’s unique angle.

Instead of following your competitors’ examples, follow best practices for page optimization and user experience-based design. This will guide you to more success and make you stand out from the competition.

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