Case Study: Amazing Rush 2

Case Study:  Amazing Rush 2

What A Rush It’s Been!

See how, together, the team at Digital Edge and the sales team at Visit Rapid City created Rapid City’s Best. Site Visit. Ever…

Season 1 At A Glance…

The Amazing Rush Season 1 (2016) was a full year in the making, involving a comprehensive digital campaign. Check out The Amazing Rush Case Study for more on the successful results.

What is a campaign without results? How do you utilize the results that are yielded? You build off and improve upon them! Here’s how we’re making improvements to The Amazing Rush in Season 2…

BIGger Steps To Take in Season 2

Adding an audience segmentation strategy will allow Rapid City to reach niche audiences with highly targeted messaging. By reaching the target markets within the area we increase the likelihood of qualified conversions.

Performing split tests gives us the results to determine which creative performed the best. We’ve seen that photo ads boost performance, especially ads featuring people. These ads tend to outperform their photo-less counterparts by attracting attention, increasing relatability and improving performance.

In Season 1 we created a landing page specifically for The Amazing Rush, with an independent URL to house the campaign content, imagery, and blog and social feeds. For Season 2 we redirected the Amazing Rush landing page to the Meeting Section of Visit Rapid City’s website and created corresponding pages to cross link internally. We aim to draw more users to the meetings section and create more traffic and visits to the site overall.

In addition, we will be promoting the Facebook Live videos that will be running during the live competition.

The Amazing Rush Season 2

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