Case Study: All Day Amelia

Amelia Island is one of the most well reviewed destinations in the state of Florida, appealing to travelers in all walks of life, with distinctive interests and personas—all looking to get the most out of their visit to the island. Amelia Island mirrors their dynamic destination through a visually excellent and fully integrated website, where future and returning visitors, and even locals are provided a revealing digital experience. So, how do we elevate the traveler’s experience from a digital standpoint?

The Idea:

Create an interactive way to engage visitors for an even more personal digital experience through an online quiz that assists us in creating a segmented email database, where we can serve highly targeted email messages.


Digital Edge created All Day Amelia—a custom built quiz, on a separate domain, with a variety of options to run the initial campaign and drive users to a specific landing page.  This allowed our team to measure specific personas that were coined: ‘Outdoor Explorer’, ‘Local Explorer’, ‘Island Sophisticate’ and ‘Serenity Seeker’. Through highly targeted email messages to these individuals, information, news, offers and updates on events at the island would speak to each particular persona; i.e. Serenity Seeker would get a personalized itinerary based on their selections, as well as news, updates and events that pertained to them. Amelia Island was also testing and implementing a specific and targeted homepage serving to these individual users.


Throughout the spring we ran the quiz without an incentive and saw 9,957 sessions, 6,798 new users, and 278 quiz completions. We wanted to increase engagement and retain more conversions so we added the Addison on Amelia Sweepstakes, which included a 3 Day, 2 Night stay at the Addison Hotel on Amelia and a $500 Gift Card to the quiz. We saw a 9.8% increase in sessions, 10.06% increase in new sessions, and a 481.72% increase in conversions.


A key takeaway we discovered was that people were more inclined to provide their email address when we offered the sweepstakes or promotion. Based on the success of the summer campaign, initiatives are being adjusted for the fall campaign.

Are you looking to elevate your visitor’s experience through a digital standpoint?

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