From Fairways to Funding | How Our Regional Rebranding Campaign Created Fresh Awareness And Increased Funding

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We aren’t adverse to tight deadlines. Short time frames and creative agencies go together like exposed brick and savvy, downtown start-ups. It’s nothing new for us; it can even add a bit of exhilaration to the day. So when our long time friends at Florida’s First Coast of Golf (FFCG) came to us with a conundrum and a short time frame, we jumped on it.

FFCG is a golf organization comprised of tourist boards, lodging properties and golf courses in five different regions throughout Northeast Florida. Their goal is to showcase the regions and increase and retain golf travelers. They are one of our longest standing clients and currently utilize our co-op marketing and destination marketing services.

The Conundrum

In early March they came to us with the challenge: how to rebrand Jacksonville to show golfers all of the region’s offerings on and off the courses. FFCG’s  funding was in danger of not becoming renewed, as one of their main Tourist Development Council (TDC) partners felt that their previous marketing campaign didn’t represent their destination well enough.

As leaders in digital marketing, we are no strangers to rebranding.  In fact, when it came to our own foray into this creative concept, we definitely weren’t shy. So, we busily got to work crafting the new regional rebranding campaign for Florida’s First Coast of Golf.


Showcase Jacksonville for what it truly was: Northeast Florida’s entertainment hub with a professional football team, a state-of-the-art concert venue, a fast-growing brewery scene, water adventures, an award-winning airport and, of course, world-class golf.


  • Make people aware of all of the after-round possibilities in Jacksonville
  • Create four fresh campaigns that focus on Jacksonville’s main strengths (and life’s main necessities): beer, music, water and flight
  • Distribute campaigns across Facebook and through digital display

The Concept:

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The Results…

With the new creative concept, the TDC not only decided to maintain the funding for Florida’s First Coast of Golf, they INCREASED FUNDING!

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