Top Three Benefits of Hiring a Small Digital Marketing Agency

Small Agency Big Ideas ImageSo you need to hire a digital marketing agency. Where do you begin to look? The conventional choice may be to go with the traditional behemoth of an agency, the one with the big name, the one with hundreds of employees, the one that’s been around since the Mad Men era. But if you’re looking for quick responses, flexible employees with years of varying experience and big ideas, then working with a small digital marketing agency might be for you.

Here are the top three reasons why you should hire a small digital marketing agency. Oh, and hey, we happen to be one if you’re interested.

1. Access to the Right People 

If you work with a large agency, you will likely have a dedicated account manager as your point person. This sounds like a great idea in theory, but how many times have you contacted that person only to get an immediate reply of “I’ll get back to you!”? At smaller agencies, your point person will likely actually be doing the work on your project and know the answer to your question immediately. Or, they’ll be sitting next to the person that does. Or in our case, you could even be talking directly with the owners (learn more about them here).

2. Small Doesn’t Mean Less Experience 

In fact, it usually means more. Often times the people that choose to work at a smaller boutique agency do so because they’ve worked in larger agencies and have become frustrated with the bureaucracy. The nature of a small agency makes it necessary to not only hire people with years of experience, but are also cross-trained in multiple disciplines. This allows for flexibility and quick response time. Need a quick code change to your website? Your PPC specialist can probably do that too.

3. “Small Company, Big Ideas” 

How many times have you heard some variation of this as part of a small company’s slogan? It may be an overused cliché, but if the shoe fits…There is a certain and undeniable entrepreneurial spirit at small companies. It trickles down from the owners, who are often deeply entrenched with their employees on projects. Ideas are encouraged and openness is part of the culture. There are fewer processes, less red tape and more, “Ok, let’s try that”, go with the flow and figure it out. Small companies have big ideas, because they attract employees with big ideas.

Convinced Yet? 

We really could keep writing about all of the benefits of working with a small digital marketing agency, but we are a little biased. So if access and flexibility, experience and big ideas are driving factors in your digital marketing decisions, then learn more about us below.

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