What Meeting Planners Want

Do you know what meeting planners want from a DMO/CVB?

It boils down to these three things:

  1. Detailed insider knowledge
  2. Immediate response
  3. Act as an educated consultant & unbiased advisor

A recent survey conducted by PCMA Convene and DMAI’s empowerMINT attempted to uncover exactly what qualities and behaviors meeting planners expect from DMO sales professionals.

In the survey, meeting planners placed a huge emphasis on personalization and the DMO sales team’s ability to be helpful.  The meeting planners suggested that the more helpful the sales team is the better.  Things like relevant destination information tailored to the planner’s meeting needs is much more impactful than cold calls.

Meeting planners ask DMO’s to be mindful of whether or not your destination is a good fit for them and be timely in your outreach.  If you are trying to connect during their largest meeting of the year, they won’t be responsive.

The study found that meeting planners appreciate a one on one relationship with DMO sales teams.

To see more, read the full article.

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