Boise CVB’s Recovery Campaign During COVID-19

Author, public speaker, and B2B Institute Research Fellow Peter Fields wrote in one of his early 2020 articles, “Brand advertising is not about profiting in recession, it is about capitalizing on recovery.” Boise CVB is one of our clients who understood the importance and potential impact of this notion. 

A case study in point. 

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In the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic, Boise invested in a lead-generating meetings marketing campaign with Digital Edge. Knowing that leads and activity would inevitably have a slower response compared to traditional lead-generating campaigns (given the state of the industry), they decided to sally forth and stay determined. 

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As we worked through the campaign with Boise, we determined that their ultimate goal was to bring awareness to the destination and be at the forefront of recovery. Leads are always a plus, but building a solid foundation for meetings and conventions marketing is what gets destinations through cataclysmic dips. Because, unlike leisure travel, meetings are not impulsive, economy-driven purchases. The success of the travel and tourism industry is typically heavily dependent upon meetings to drive weekday business, and most often, they are crucial for economic growth beyond the meeting. 

The Boise CVB partnered with their convention center team at Boise Centre for the recovery campaign.  We met bi-weekly as a team to keep conversations open, test out different creative ideas, and determine how to develop information around health, safety, and Boise’s recovery.

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In partnership with Boise Centre, Boise developed an incentive to drum up interest and help create further awareness for the destination. The incentive was a part of a two-pronged recovery strategy campaign: one targeting meeting planners nationally and one targeting Boise locals in the region. 

16 Solid Leads
(a mix between regional and local RFPs)

Increased Metrics Since Launch 

LinkedIn Ads

Avg CTR: 12% above industry average
Avg CTR on trade show posts: double the industry average

Facebook Ads

Avg CTR: .62% above industry average

Website Interaction

Users, New Users & Sessions: all increased by approximately 60%

Boise CVB’s & Centre’s investment in their meetings marketing campaign with Digital Edge has helped the destination keep their presence during the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic and remain competitive in a noisy marketplace.

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