Ready to Leave Behind the Dry Meetings Marketing?

Often, B2B marketing is considered the stepchild of creativity. But, your DMO can significantly improve meetings marketing by infusing new ideas into those marketing campaigns. 

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You need creativity to stand out in the destination marketing world for both traditional and online channels. Planners have become more sophisticated and now expect cutting-edge digital campaigns. Your approach to meetings marketing needs to be smarter, creative, and informative to stand out in the noise. Creativity plays a vital role in breaking through, making an impact, and inspiring planners.

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How do you stand out in the crowd?

Having strong expertise in creative media elements is critical. By employing these elements and creating unique content, you actually can stand out in the crowd. 

  • Video marketing is the most effective element in the digital marketing world. A video is a powerful tool to grab a planner’s attention and hold on to it.
  • Professional and creative photography will give that branding edge to your meetings product and overall destination.
  • Illustrations can undoubtedly provide a jolt of creativity. If your illustration is text-based content with more engaging materials, it is sure to have an impact.
  • Creating unique and relevant content is the key to creative digital marketing. Your blog should have fantastic storytelling with the right amount of information for the planners.
  • Try audio. Starting a podcast is the latest thing you may want to include in your next marketing strategy. Voice search is here, and with podcasts, you can attract a larger audience.
  • And we can’t forget color. A variety of colors, font, and font size can help you create a unique narrative.

Now, what are the best ways to showcase that creativity?

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Blogs: Although some organizations do not put in the effort needed to maintain one, those who have found ways to leverage this platform are engaging planners regularly through their blog posts. By educating planners about your meetings product and experiences, you increase the chance of converting them. 

Social Interaction: Having a presence online is not enough. You need to interact with planners across multiple social platforms if you want to sell your destination. The key activity here is to engage them and educate them through blogs and articles.

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Create and Share Content: Today, content expands to various forms like audio podcasts, webinars, videos, infographics, e-books, whitepapers, and more. This content should be posted on your website’s meetings section, where planners can explore the knowledge base.

And most importantly…

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At Digital Edge, we are all about using a little humor. We find that adding sensible and in-context humor into a meetings marketing campaign can enhance creativity to a whole new level. We all can appreciate a good laugh, and if we can do so within a promotion, it can bring in much-needed awareness for your brand and entice planners to spend more time exploring what your destination has to offer.

The time is now to leave behind the dry meetings marketing. Think outside the box and tread new waters by infusing creativity into your B2B marketing.

No, we don’t have an app for that, but we can help.

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