CVBs: Step Up, Get Uncomfortable, and Embrace Change with Us!


Change…the word you love and hate. Whether good, bad, or both, we all have experienced change, lived through change, and if you are one of the lucky ones (and I consider myself lucky), have been right in the thick of big change—for the good. 

Embracing Change - Digital Edge ImageDuring my years with the Jacksonville Marriott, getting one of the NFL expansion teams was a big change for the city (and not everyone said it was good). Going through a convention center and new headquarter hotel buildout while I was with Visit Spokane was also a big change for the good (again, that not everyone agreed with). Change will always happen, always be in our lives, both in our professional and personal worlds, and when you really think about it, change usually affects both worlds at the same time. The real truth of the matter is how one looks, feels, and reacts to change that creates the statements, ‘I love change’ or ‘I hate change.’ 

So, what do you have to say about it?

Change is the topic in today’s conversations. With COVID-19, we don’t have a choice but to experience change almost daily. Reading through the latest news headlines today, all you see is social/equality justice change, political change, climate/environmental change, and more as the list goes on and on. 

But let’s just look at your everyday world of work, time spent with family and friends, hobbies and simply determine: What can I do today and tomorrow to make a positive difference, big or small, in my world and those around me that can create change for the better?  Remember, you don’t have to do it alone. So many of your colleagues, friends, family, and even strangers will stand beside you to embrace the good change.  

Yes on change - Digital Edge Blog ImageYes, most of the time, change is hard. Especially when you know it not only affects you but those directly around you, too. My athletic trainer in every HIIT class at right about the 25-minute mark of hitting the “high intensity” part shouts, “YOU CAN DO THIS…Change is uncomfortable. Change is hard…but this is HOW change happens. You must feel uncomfortable. YOU CAN DO THIS!” And you know what? My trainer is absolutely right. Yes, we can. And together, we can do even more. Yes, there will be uncomfortable conversations. Yes, it will take courage. Yes, we can defeat fear and create positive changetogether.  Yes, we can do hard things.

Here at Digital Edge, in our professional world, we toss ‘change’ around every day like flippin’ pancakes. We are committed to knowing, experiencing, and understanding the ever-changing CVB meetings world and the hospitality/travel industry as a whole, especially now more than ever. We get it! 

Marketing during change- Digital Edge Blog ImageWe’ve been there, and yes, we’ve been through a lot of the changes that are still trying to take place today. We are an industry that serves others. We are and will always be committed to helping a destination make changes, big and small, for the good. So, let’s charge through this time now together to help get your story heard to the right meeting’s audience that wants to be and can be part of your continued mission to make a positive difference in your communities and help begin living the new normal

Whatever your change is, you must step up, get uncomfortable, and be committed to making a difference. Know you have a partner here at Digital Edge to be right beside you! I’m here so let’s talk to learn more and change together. 


P.S. I love change!

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