Destination Marketing Video: Are You Doing it Right?

At this point, your destination has likely integrated video into your marketing plan. You’ve set aside a significant amount of your budget towards including video. You’re utilizing it on the pages of your destination website. You’re posting on social.

Or maybe you’ve loaded your marketing plan with film projects in years past and have been sitting pretty for a while.

Maybe you’ve given video marketing for your destination some attention here and there, but it hasn’t been at the forefront of your marketing plan in a while.

Or maybe, just maybe, you’re working with video consistently but have the nagging, underlying feeling that the beast that is video marketing can take on a movement of its own, and that perhaps developing a better strategy has just been put by the wayside in favor of just getting content out, getting videos produced.

Until now.

It’s time to get it together. It’s never too late, after all.

A few questions to consider:
What kind of video should DMOs be featuring?
How long should they be?
Where does it belong?
What time of day should you be posting video to social?
How can you be sure you’re positioning yourself to maximize your conversions?

Video is expensive, and you need to be sure that all of your efforts, both monetary and intellectually, are paying off.

We’re taking the guesswork out of the equation for you.

Dig in to our free destination marketing eBook as your guide for everything destination video marketing.

Need Digital Edge to help? We do video.

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