2023 Trends Roundup for Your Destination Marketing & Sales Strategies

One thing you can count on as this year marinates is the continued wave of trends in different industries. And so far, 2023 has not been an exception. At Digital Edge, we work hard to trend hunt, staying on top of the industry’s newest developments and best practices to keep us current. We’re here to […]

Use These Multi-Industry Trends & Developments to Innovate Your Meetings Marketing

Leverage the latest B2B marketing strategies being utilized outside of our industry to spark innovation within your destination organization’s M&C marketing. As our industry and world continue to digitize and evolve, Destination organizations (DOs) are facing increased competition from their peers, and the need to innovate meetings and conventions marketing strategies is greater than ever. […]

Marketing Trends in 2022: A Little Less Town Crier, A Little More Town Hall

Anyone who went through a Sourdough baking phase recently can attest: we’ve learned a lot about ourselves these past few years—both individually and collectively. 2021 returned us to a quasi-normal routine, but in moving forward we haven’t forgotten the lessons we’ve learned. After all, what are trials but catalysts for growth? What are tribulations but […]

Here’s What’s Trending In Key Specialty Meetings Sectors

Breaking Down the Trends, Factors, & Innovations Impacting Specialty Meeting Sectors This is more than a road to recovery, this is the future of the event and meetings marketing industry. These new ideas and changes are not fads but are real, permanent, and here to stay. Now more common than ever before, virtual and hybrid […]

2020 Meeting Trends for CVBs

Here are our top sourced meeting trends for CVBs to watch in 2020, along with some key insights on how to address them as a destination marketer. Demand will continue to outpace supply. Again this year, there’s a huge rise in demand for meetings and events. CWT Meetings & Travel predicts a 5-10% growth in […]