Digital Edge Wins 3 MUSE Creative Awards in 2023

Muse Award Badges

With over 100 years of collective experience in marketing for destination organizations, Digital Edge has succeeded in B2B creative work for clients from Hawaii to Maine – and everywhere in between. And we’ve done it all with a growing team of bright and badass marketers. Here’s the latest on the three MUSE Creative Awards we […]

6 Takeaways & Action Starters for DMOs (A First-Timer’s POV at DI’s Annual Convention)

Get to them …  The roles of destination organizations are shifting … as are the nomenclatures. Your city’s multiculturalism impacts plans. Find your storytellers. There is room for a new model for destination organizations when it comes to sustainable tourism. There’s no blueprint for every destination. Organizations are heading towards a future of open-source solutions. […]

DMOs Take Note: Thoughtful Design Makes Information Accessible

Design is not about just making things “pop” or look cool. Fundamentally, design must serve a purpose and communicate an idea effectively. More importantly, solve problems for users while employing empathy. Empathy, which is defined as the ability to understand and share the feelings of another, is a word getting tossed around a lot recently […]

Marketing Trends in 2022: A Little Less Town Crier, A Little More Town Hall

Anyone who went through a Sourdough baking phase recently can attest: we’ve learned a lot about ourselves these past few years—both individually and collectively. 2021 returned us to a quasi-normal routine, but in moving forward we haven’t forgotten the lessons we’ve learned. After all, what are trials but catalysts for growth? What are tribulations but […]

Planning L.A.’s Comeback

Planning L.A.’s Comeback Amidst a global setback Discover Los Angeles enters the reopened market with a strong Comeback! This impactful branded messaging accompanies the DMO’s new and improved logo which “embraces the optimistic spirit of Angelenos, while inviting visitors to discover a destination that celebrates personal freedom under a sun of infinite possibilities.” Digital Edge […]

Teamwork Makes the Branson Meetings Destination Dream Work

Explore Branson a Case Study on “Integrated Media and Team” Integrated media is the unification of different media formats, elements and techniques to relay information or advertisements. Integrated team is a system of collaboration working between all of those involved in the delivery of a project on a day to day basis. Integrate these two […]

A Destination Partnership Built On a Strong Foundation & Innovation

Visit Park City “Strength in Length” Case Study Digital Edge and Visit Park City’s partnership started from humble beginnings in 2016. With a need to raise awareness for meetings in the destination during their shoulder season (Spring and Summer), Digital Edge was tasked with creating an integrated meetings marketing strategy and campaign that aligns with […]

The Future Meeting Attendee is Gen Z

“We [Gen Z] are digital natives, and we do understand online, but that doesn’t mean that we want every single experience of our lives to be online. We’re a generation that just also really values experiences.” – Gretta Kissell, Managing Partner, JUV Consulting   They may be young, but come off as wise beyond their […]

Case Study: Helping Visit Sacramento Relay Destination Value in a Pandemic Era

What Business Did We Have? As COVID-19 cleaved the travel and tourism industry, Sacramento was among the many large cities most vulnerable to the prohibition of meetings and events and strict stay-at-home ordinances in California.  Early on, California assigned a four-tiered, color-coded tracking system, which presently allows for the economy and civic life to operate […]

Tips for the Destination Marketing Creatives

Like a 1960s Nancy Claster calling out to all of her viewership through her magic mirror, I’m looking out: “I see Johnny, and Suzie, and Veronica, and Bobby, and Martin…….” Regardless of your name or your game, if you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions, you’ve come to the right place. Do you […]