Boise CVB’s Recovery Campaign During COVID-19

Author, public speaker, and B2B Institute Research Fellow Peter Fields wrote in one of his early 2020 articles, “Brand advertising is not about profiting in recession, it is about capitalizing on recovery.” Boise CVB is one of our clients who understood the importance and potential impact of this notion.  A case study in point.  In […]

Ready to Leave Behind the Dry Meetings Marketing?

Often, B2B marketing is considered the stepchild of creativity. But, your DMO can significantly improve meetings marketing by infusing new ideas into those marketing campaigns.    You need creativity to stand out in the destination marketing world for both traditional and online channels. Planners have become more sophisticated and now expect cutting-edge digital campaigns. Your […]

DMOs, Grow Your Meetings Business with These Tactics

The key to DMOs growing meetings business right now: develop community partnerships.  Now and in the wake of COVID-19, DMO marketing strategies are and will be shifting. Your organization will need to continue to be resilient, selling and marketing to planners differently by finding group business within your destination and growing meetings business where your […]

How These DMOs Stayed Top of Mind in the Lowest of Times

As questions and concerns feverishly swirled around the future of the meetings and conventions industry during COVID-19, one common question stuck with Digital Edge…and we ran with it. “How can we help others find value in us, even in today’s challenging environment?” The answer was simple. Evaluate your current resources, and don’t panic. Although this […]

Getting Casper “Open for Business”

First things first: This isn’t our first rodeo. Casper is a small town in Wyoming. But what it lacks in size, it makes up for in a unique assortment of outdoor adventures and a rich history rooted in Western hospitality. With safety measures securely in place and the Casper Events Center and surrounding saloons waxing […]

Expert Takeaways – Navigating a COVID-19 World

Digital Edge has been keeping a pulse on the latest insights, responses, and actions from industry experts as they pertain to meetings & conventions navigating through the world of COVID-19. Here are our key takeaways. [Visual Learner? See the Breakdown] The Reality: Percent of Planning Possibilities A common action that the meetings & conventions industry […]

Reaching Millennial Meeting Planners

Millennial Meeting Planners What They Are Like, How They Differ and What You Can Do to Reach Them   Why Is Everyone Talking About Millennial Planners? The average age of meeting planners is 36.5 years old, and the majority of planners fall into the millennial category. It’s quite clear that this age cohort is of […]

4 Tactics for CVBs to Consider When Running Media in Today’s Climate

“When times are good, you should advertise. When times are bad, you must advertise.”  This adage from advertising pioneer Bruce Barton is more than 100 years old, but it still rings true today. Over the past five months due to the effects of COVID-19, the United States and the travel industry as a whole has […]

CVBs: Step Up, Get Uncomfortable, and Embrace Change with Us!

Change. Change…the word you love and hate. Whether good, bad, or both, we all have experienced change, lived through change, and if you are one of the lucky ones (and I consider myself lucky), have been right in the thick of big change—for the good.  During my years with the Jacksonville Marriott, getting one of […]

Getting Back Out There Post-COVID

With much effort, the travel and tourism industry is full-force on the road to recovery. We’re all collaborating with industry leaders, researchers and our communities to bring our destination marketing back from ground zero, raise awareness about our safety protocols, community engagement, venues and hotel partners, and build confidence in the traveler—the business traveler, to […]